Analog Devices Third Party Developers network consists of companies all over the world that provide hardware products, software products, algorithms and design services for a wide variety of applications and markets. Jasmin has worked alongside the group to build expertise in ADI® products.


Renesas® Electronics America Inc. is a premiere supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions. The Alliance program provides on line tools to increase the synergy between Customers, 3rd Party Partners, and Renesas®. Jasmin leverages this synergy to provide solutions to meet the customer needs.

ARM ConnectedTM is a premiere community of ARM®. It is a forum where developers can interact and share knowledge and resources for building solutions and applications for the ARM® platform. Jasmin has worked alongside this community to provide solutions and services for the ARM® platform.


AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a partnership of automotive OEMs, suppliers and tool vendors whose objective is to create and establish open standards for automotive E/E (Electrics/Electronics) architectures that will provide a basic infrastructure to assist with developing vehicular software, user interfaces and management for all application domains.

The OPEN Alliance (One-Pair Ether-Net) Special Interest Group (SIG) is a non-profit, open industry alliance of mainly automotive industry and technology providers collaborating to encourage wide scale adoption of Ethernet-based networks as the standard in automotive networking applications.

Jasmin has over the years been perfecting expertise and solutions as a implementation partner for Dolby® Labs. Our expertise in Dolby’s technology is complete and has been used to deploy solutions across the globe.

Jasmin Infotech has been an implementation partner for DTS® for over a decade. Our expertise in this is platform and processor independent. We have successfully deployed DTS® solutions across the globe by leveraging our pre and post processing expertise.

Alliance_Karunya University
Karunya University based in Tamil Nadu is one of the top colleges of engineering in Tamil Nadu. Jasmin has signed several MOU’s for conducting joint research into a wide spectrum of technologies. This has enabled Jasmin to tap into the growing talent pool of India.


The Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC) is a Canadian government scientific laboratory for research and development in wireless technologies, with a particular focus on the efficient use of radio frequency spectrum. Jasmin is working along with CRC to promote Digital Radio offerings around the globe.

Allinace_Consumer Electronics Association
The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is a standards and trade organization for the consumer electronics industry in the United States. Jasmin Infotech has leveraged this association to provide embedded solutions and services across the digital home domain. By participating in the working groups of the association Jasmin Infotech has also helped to contribute to development of new products.