To provide an entire audio framework and to provide integration services of audio algorithms, post decoders, post processing and connectivity and control of various devices attached to a Networked AVR Product.


Leading consumer electronics company in Japan.

Jasmin’s solution

  • Based on customer specifications, Jasmin team had done the feasibility and provided the possible and alternative solutions within single chip
  • Jasmin’s team then designed the software framework for the real time audio and various peripheral connectivity and control functions
  • The framework included the interaction of DSP, peripherals, SDRAM Except the video part, all the audio decoders, network and USB functionalities were integrated within the framework
  • The integrated software was ported on to the customer platform and tested
  • Based on the specification, the GUI was designed and implemented
  • Customer specific post processing was developed and integrated
  • Connectivity and control for USB, Radio and iPod®
  • Understood the customer hardware platform and wrote the hardware diagnostics code
  • Various algorithm and control functions were integrated and tested. The product has the following features