Project scope

To design and develop a MOST® based premium multichannel amplifier.


Leading automotive infotainment company in Japan.

Customer Requirements

  • MediaLB Interface between EHC and MOST® transceiver chip (INIC)
  • MOST®-Amplifier as sink for multi-channel audio
  • MOST® Application Fblocks
  • Audio Processing & tuning
  • Hardware schematics review support
  • Onsite support

Jasmin’s solution

  • Implemented a 5-Pin MediaLB interface between EHC and INIC OS81050
  • Synchronous transfers via MLB, control transfers via I2C

  • MOST® communication tested using Optolyzer tools
  • Tested with multiple nodes in the network

  • Multi-channel audio codecs
  • Post decoders and post processors
  • DTCP encryption, decryption
  • Software download via MOST®
  • Adaptive noise cancellation / estimation
  • Enhanced Audio Surround (EAS)
  • Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC)
  • Multi-band equalization
  • Video algorithms – H.264, MPEG2 decoder, JPEG2000, MPEG4/Xvid/DivX video decoder with MP3/AAC audio decoder