Project scope

This project involves development and product integration for a MOST® based multi- channel premium amplifier.


A major car manufacturer in Europe.

  • MediaLB Interface between EHC and MOST® transceiver chip (INIC)
  • MOST®-Amplifier as sink for multi-channel audio
  • MOST® Application Fblocks
  • Audio Processing & tuning
  • Hardware schematics review support
  • Onsite support

The application is developed with the Blackfin® to handle the MOST Netservices stack, application layer and to control the amplifiers and the SHARC® processor to handle the post processing algorithm for audio. The product features receiving of synchronous, asynchronous and control data from the MOST® ring via INIC-OS81050

  • Framework development for the MOST® based amplifier
  • Low level driver implementation-I2C, SPI, I2S, MediaLB
  • MOST NetServices porting
  • Application Layer Netblock, Network Master Shadow, AudioAmplifier FBlock , AuxIn Shadow FBlock implementation.
  • Support for audio signal chain development and integration
  • Customer support and communication with the multi parties involved in the project