Project scope

To provide the entire product framework for CD/HDD/USB media Player (Hi-Fi system)
Integration of audio decoders, encoders, post processing, network stacks and connectivity and control of various devices attached to a media player


Leading consumer electronics company in Japan.

Jasmin’s solution

  • Based on the specification as provided by the customers we did a complete product integration
  • Jasmin also provided product hardware architecture definition, hardware block diagram, major component selection based on performance requirements and a complete schematics review
  • Driver development for all peripherals
  • Software architecture definition – high level and low level design was done as per requirements
  • Full software framework and integration of features
  • Audio codecs development and integration
  • Integration of all features except UI
  • We then completed the cycle by doing testing and bug fixing based on reports logged by the customer and also by our own internal testing
  • We performed program and project management using our in-house team of certified project managers