Test Lab

Testing infrastructure plays a significant role in testing. The setting up and maintenance of a test bench would require a significant amount of capital investment. Some of the test equipment are used only for short duration of the project life cycle and remain idle for rest of the time. These test equipment’s also need special training to operate.

Jasmin Infotech provides state of art test lab facility with latest test equipment to test audio, video, HDMI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth ® and interoperability with latest devices in the market. Customers can engage Jasmin Infotech by making use of our multiple flexible models in order to hire and use this test lab. Jasmin Infotech maintains and upgrades these test equipment & devices. By Leveraging our pool of highly qualified testers with experience in handling these equipment, we provide a common ground for testing various functionalities & features.


  • Audio Precision AP2722
  • Audio Precision APx-585

  • Quantum data – Video Test Generator – QD804A
  • Quantum data – Video Test Analyzer – QD 882EA

  • Routers
  • TV
  • BD Players
  • Apple devices
  • Android devices
  • Windows devices
  • Network attached storage
  • USB based devices