Framework provides the basis for the design of customized programmable systems for a variety of applications. The framework provides the user with a standard environment for system development that encompasses several applications.

With proven expertise in embedded product design and development, Jasmin had built framework that cater to various product and application needs. This includes framework for System, Audio Player, Network Player, User Interface, Multi-functional, Multiple-core designs. The goal is to design a plug-and- play framework to provide Performance, Flexibility and reduce significant efforts on integration and development. Jasmin ingenious modularity allows to quick developing of an entire product family at lower costs and benefit from economy of scale during production.

Jasmin Infotech’s Strengths

  • Experience in understanding the product requirements and framework development
  • Platform and OS independent architecture
  • Reference framework which empowers the customer’s desire to quickly market
  • Functionalities are split up into features, as fine-grained as possible, and each feature might have multiple implementations
  • Plug-and-play of multiple third party components without major efforts on integration and interoperability