Stacks and Protocols are integral component of any embedded system designs. Protocol stacks are often divided into three major sections: media, transport, and applications. A particular operating system or platform will often have two well-defined software interfaces: one between the media and transport layers, and one between the transport layers and applications. This modularization makes design and evaluation easier. Because each protocol module usually communicates with two others, they are commonly imagined as layers in a stack of protocols. The media-to-transport interface defines how transport protocol software makes use of particular media and hardware. The application-to-transport interface defines how application programs make use of the transport layers.

Jasmin Infotech has a decade long experience in handling network oriented products and delivered products in market aligning with tier-1 OEM and ODM. Jasmin has developed network protocol stacks that congregate both interoperability and performance requirements. Jasmin Protocol / Stack solution comprises of architectural scalability and flexibility that enables quick porting. The protocol stack offering includes all standards-based layers and network applications, which can be offered as individual layers / applications or as an integrated protocol stack.
Jasmin Infotech’s stacks / protocols are built around :

  • Platform & OS Independent
  • Optimized and tailored to suit for Embedded Applications
  • Customer specific customization


  • Network control protocol for use in entertainment and communication systems to establish and control media sessions between clients and servers and to facilitate real-time control of playback of media files from the server
    • Implementation of streaming server to transmit H.264 compressed video compatible with Quick- time Player
    • Live and pre-recorded streaming
    • Unicast and multicast streaming
    • RTSP-over-UDP and RTSP-over-TCP
    • Streaming bandwidth control based on bit rate of content
  • Embedded web-server on uCLinux platform which handles the HTTP request received from web client application
  • Dynamic switching of Network connectivity between Wired and Wireless
  • Experienced in development/ integration/ validation/ productization of applications like DLNA, Internet Radio, vTuner, Rhapsody, Radiotime, Flickr, and their related protocols/stacks.
  • Developed solutions for Digital Media Player and Digital Media Server Product applications.
  • Develop applications which use both interfaces Wired and Wireless simultaneously
  • Integration and porting of simple NTP to embedded Linux environment for synchronizing system-time from internet
  • Integration of network streaming module for Internet Radio application
  • Experience in development and integrating Ethernet and Wi-Fi Device Drivers, Performance optimization and Testing
  • Extensive support for redundancy, debugging, statistics and layer management functionality
  • Well-defined and documented interfaces to the stack (APIs)