A variety of audio/image/video compression formats exist for multimedia applications. This could range from Stereo to multi-channel, lossy to lossless, legacy to high-definition, licensed to open standards, and many. These audio encoders, audio decoders, audio post-processing, audio enhancements, image decoders, video decoders from various IP holders are an essential part of audio solutions in a typical digital home multi-media application. Also, a variety of algorithms are required for system specific implementation such as format detection, upsampling, downsampling, downmixing, dynamic range control, sample rate conversion, etc.,

With a rich knowledge and expertise in Digital Signal Processing Techniques and strong system development experience for close to 15 years, Jasmin Infotech has developed algorithms for various processor architectures, integrated to wide range of platforms, product categories, and operating systems. These algorithms are tested for quality, performance and certification aspects as a standalone module and at system level.


  • Development on Fixed and Floating point family of processors
  • Effective implementation utilizing the maximum capability / advantage of the processor architecture
  • Optimized implementation for memory and performance
  • Audio/Image/Video Encoder / Decoder implementation as per standards with portability across platforms and ease of system integration
  • Implementation of Transcoders/Muxer/Demuxer solutions
  • Implementation of Stereo and Multi-channel file formats, Lossy and Lossless CODEC’s, High definition audio formats
  • Implementation of Image Decoders and Video Decoders
  • Implementation of algorithms in multi-core, multi-processor architectures
  • Develop several audio IPs including Dynamic Range Control, Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter, Audio Simulation, Audio Enhancements, …
  • Development of customer specific algorithms
  • Well-defined system and signal chain framework to support different algorithm combinations from the overall product perspective
  • Testing for pre-certification and functional requirements