Speaker dock connector is the interface used by most smart phones, personal media player and all Apple devices( iPods, iPhones and iPads) to play music as well as charge the devices’ batteries. Speaker docks enable the user to play music to their choice using their hand held devices.

Jasmin has proven experience in conceptualizing and delivering hardware, software and testing services for the digital market across globe. Jasmin has a decade of proven experience in designing and developing media products to provide unique solutions. Jasmin have hands on experience, worked for various speaker dock requirements from OEM/ODM across globe and delivered proven and reliable products. Jasmin’s media and connectivity skill sets enables to provide product with cutting edge technology like Air Play, Dlna, MFI etc..


  • System Architecture Definition
  • Develop Reference Designs and build Hardware Prototypes
    • BOM Selection, Procurement
    • Schematics, Layout and Gerber Files Creation
    • PCB Manufacturing and Prototype Assembly
    • Hardware Performance and Functional Validation

  • Design, develop, integrate new features, SDK customization on various technologies&
    Integration of third party modules
  • Software Architecture Definition and System Framework Design / Development
  • Development of Device Drivers, Host Control, User Interface (GUI)
  • USB/Networking applications, stacks and protocols development and integration
  • Porting & Integration of Internet Music Services
  • Customer specific features implementation
  • Design, Development, Integration of Audio Enhancements, Post-processing algorithms
  • Optimization of memory foot-print and MIPS

  • QA Validation and Certification Testing
    • Airplay, MFI Pre-compliance Testing
    • Audio Algorithms Pre-certification Testing
    • Connectivity Testing including Wi-Fi, Network, USB, Bluetooth, etc.
  • End User Testing