Soundbars improve the audio experience without the complexity of an entire home theater set up. The advancement in the sound reproduction technology and the speaker design has made it possible to have a Soundbar at the reach of every home. They bridge the gap between the audio shortcomings of the HDTV and high-end home theater systems featuring an A/V receiver and a full complement of surround- sound speakers.

Jasmin has proven experience in conceptualizing and delivering hardware, software and testing services for the digital market across globe. Jasmin has a decade of proven experience in designing and developing networking and media products to provide unique solutions. Jasmin have hands on experience in developing Soundbars in collaboration with OEM/ODM across globe and delivered proven, mature and reliable products.


  • System Architecture Definition
  • Develop Reference Designs and build Hardware Prototypes
    • BOM Selection, Procurement
    • Schematics, Layout and Gerber Files Creation
    • PCB Manufacturing and Prototype Assembly
    • Hardware Performance and Functional Validation

  • Jasmin have expertise to develop solutions based on single-chip to multi-chip, OS/non OS
  • Software Architecture Definition
  • Audio/System Framework Design
  • Development of Device Drivers, Host Control, User Interface (GUI)
  • HDMI Driver Development, Integration including drivers for HDMI Rx/Tx/Transceiver, interface functions, CEC functions (including vendor specific features), OSD design
  • Implementation USB/Networking applications, stacks and protocols development
  • Development and integration Control Applications on iPhone/Android mobiles/tablets
  • Development and Integration of Audio Encoders/Decoders from standards ranging from file- format, multi-channel to post-processing algorithms
  • Optimization of memory foot-print and MIPS to maximize processor/system performance
  • Integration of modules from various partners
  • Customer specific features implementation

  • QA Validation and Certification Testing
    • HDMI/HDCP/CEC Pre-compliance Testing
    • HDMI Interoperability Testing
    • Audio Algorithms Pre-certification Testing
    • End User Testing