Continued strong growth of portable tech products such as smart phones and tablets are fueling the market for high-end headphones. While Home theatre and Sound bars give a theatrical experience to listen and enjoy with a family, headphones are soul-mates which enables to enjoy your favorite music at your convenience. Headphones playback capability ranges from simple Stereo to Surround sound 5.1Channel Virtualized Audio. Head mounted Displays or Personal 3D Viewer are the next generation consumer gadgets that attracts gaming segment and enhanced personal Cinema viewing experience.


  • System Architecture Definition
  • Hardware Schematics Review and Design Consultancy
  • Reference Designs & Prototypes

  • Software Architecture Definition and Audio/System Framework Design / Development from low-
    end to high-end, from stereo to 7.1channel virtualized headphones
  • OS/non-OS implementation and wrapper layer development
  • Development and Integration of Audio Encoders/Decoders from standards ranging from file- format, multi-channel to post-processing algorithms and extensive optimization to maximize processor/system performance
  • Development and Integration of custom Headphone virtualizer algorithms on multiple processor architectures, chipsets
  • Development and Integration of custom audio solutions including noise cancellation techniques/algorithms to enhance listening experience on Headphones with iOS/Android mobiles/tablets
  • Optimization of memory foot-print and MIPS
  • Development of Device Drivers, Host Control, User Interface (GUI)
  • Integration of modules from various partners
  • Customer specific features implementation

  • QA Validation and Certification Testing
    • Audio Algorithms Pre-certification Testing
    • Audio Algorithms Performance Testing
  • End User Testing