Head unit is a complex system which is interconnected with several units (Display, Control Elements, Amplifiers, etc..) and multiple number of interfaces (CAN,MOST, LVDS etc..). It is difficult for the tester to learn all the interfaces to do the testing.

Our Test Automation Tool will help the tester to create and test various automated test scenarios with ease while saving time and cost. The tool was developed by keeping in mind the below requirements:

  • All Automotive Interfaces should be supported in one tool
  • Automotive Interfaces should be easy to add and use
  • New Protocols should be included as and when they are developed
  • Test code should be added even if programming knowledge and compilation is not available
  • Test code execution and test code creation without any software tool cost

  • Multiple interface support
  • UML code generation
  • Python ® interpreter on Eclipse ® for test case generation
  • Python ® WEB server
  • Java-Script WEB interface for visual test code generation

  • Vector ® VN16x0(CAN/LIN) and VN26x0(MOST)
  • K2L ® MOCCA box for CAN and MOST
  • Windows® RS232 HW
  • Windows® Audio Input/Output HW
  • DirectAudio compatible Audio HW (e.g. DMX6 )
  • Göpel basicCON4120 LVDS-Frame Grabber
  • Windows® Video device
  • Digital I/O from Cleware®
  • Ethernet -UDP/Socket by standard Windows® HW