Media is current buzzword of every end user of any entertainment product. To this end we at Jasmin Infotech have developed and perfected several protocols and solutions that service this very purpose. By leveraging experience gained over 15 years, we provide various solutions for multimedia components and system integration services. Our extensive multimedia framework development expertise has been used by various automotive Tier 1 customers and is field tested and currently deployed with major automotive OEM’s. Jasmin Infotech has extended support by promoting In-Vehicle multimedia and is constantly working with customers to introduce successful and upcoming technologies.


  • Playback from multiple sources
  • Playback control

  • CD
  • USB

  • USB drivers
  • Bluetooth ® protocol drivers
  • SD card drivers

  • Playlist Parsers
  • Meta data Parsers

  • CD Block decoder
  • Audio decoders
  • Video decoders
  • Image decoders

  • Audio encoders
  • Video encoders
  • Image encoders

  • Meta data library, Meta data browsing, management
  • Database backend
  • Device manager
  • Multiple sample rate conversion support
  • File Format Extensions – Containers
  • Audio/Video renderers streamers