Connectivity is one of the most important features to be remembered when designing and developing a product. What good is a product if it cannot interact with equipment that is outside its hardware architecture?

Jasmin’s Automotive division has been involved in developing protocols and solutions that enable Network and Smartphone connectivity. Through our in-house embedded expertise we have successfully built up our offerings in this sector to align with our customer’s demands.

  • Network streaming Protocols
    • FTP
    • RTCP
    • DHCP and DNS
    • Embedded Web Server
    • SMTP
    • SNTP
    • Network Interface Card – Device Drivers
  • Network Media Streaming Applications
    • Sirius Internet Radio
    • DRM Cardea – Play for Sure
    • Neural Music Direct
    • DLNA
    • Rhapsody
    • vTuner
    • Youtube
    • Flicker
    • Radio Time

  • MirrorLink integration
  • Seamless Plug N Play
  • Driver support
  • Dock support
  • GUI support