A vehicle bus is a specialized internal communications network that interconnects components inside a vehicle. Special requirements for vehicle control such as assurance of message delivery, assured non-conflicting messages, assured time of delivery as well as low cost, EMF noise resilience, redundant routing and other characteristics mandate the use of less common networking protocols. In essence the internal communications network is one of the most important parts in the car.

Jasmin Infotech has, through in-house expertise and skillset building, built an array of stacks and offerings for the above networks, which provide robust and highly reliable network connectivity in a vehicle. Jasmin has also provided services to many Tier 1’s in developing wide variety of automotive products (Head Units, RSE, Amplifiers etc…) which interface and work in tandem with these networks.


  • Multi channel premium Amplifiers for MOST 25 and MOST 50
  • Multiple sink functionality
  • MOST Node configuration as Master / Slave and Source/Sink
  • Media Local Bus implementation
  • Function blocks (Audio Amplifier, AUX IN, Enhanced Testability)
  • Synchronous, Asynchronous and Control Data transfers
  • MOST Test Bench

  • CAN Communication
  • BAP protocol
  • Single and multi-frame messages support
  • Sending commands from Head Unit to the Digital Radio box
  • Sending responses, notifications & data services information
  • Diagnostic communication capabilities in a Vehicle Gateway involving HU CAN, Body CAN and MOST

  • AVB stacks on ARM platform
  • Audio/Video streaming
  • Communication between a Master PC with Slave PC over Ethernet