In a vehicle, a DAB receiver will experience a constantly varying coverage area. When the reception quality becomes weak in one transmitter, the receiver must be able to identify and intelligently switch to another transmitter and continue to play the same station with good reception quality. A moving car can experience any of the below situations:

  • DAB Broadcast Area 1 with DAB-1 Ensemble containing service ABC FM with RDS Broadcast Area with ABC
  • DAB Broadcast Area 1 with DAB-1 Ensemble containing service ABC DAB Broadcast Area 2 with DAB-2 ensemble containing service ABC DAB Broadcast Area # with DAB-3 ensemble containing service ABC

In these above situations, ordinary digital receivers that are able to do the switching usually make transient echo like noise or “clicks”.

Jasmin’s Seamless Linking algorithm has been developed to provide a solution to this problem. The algorithm is designed to accurately determine the time difference and level difference between the two audio sources for perfect synchronization.

  • FM Advanced over DAB
  • FM delayed than DAB
  • FM Area to DAB Area to FM Area
  • FM Tuned first
  • DAB 1 Area to DAB 2 Area
  • DAB 1 Area to FM Area to DAB 2 Area

  • Memory requirement: 4.7MBytes (for 6 Sec Storage time)
  • MIPS requirement: 25 MIPS
  • Configurable delay & level range
  • Multiple mode support

  • Modular Library architecture
  • Easy to understand, upgrade and maintain
  • Easily portable
  • Full-fledged API documentation is available
  • Fully Optimized Library completely developed in C