Leveraging our deep expertise in digital radio concepts gained over a decade and in partnership with technology houses, we have built a complete DRM stack based on multiple platforms. Leading Tier1 suppliers are currently evaluating our solution to integrate the same into their products to address the upcoming needs in DRM market.

  • Station scanning
  • Favorite station list
  • Manual and Automatic Alternate Frequency Switching (AFS)
  • Service name (station label) display
  • Text message display
  • Program type display
  • Language display
  • Timed and Instant recording to SD card/ USB stick

  • Porting and optimization of channel decoder onto target processors
  • Development and integration of source decoders
  • Development of software AGC
  • Development of the overall framework
  • Prototype hardware development
  • Tuner interface
  • MMI interface
  • Device drivers
  • Features support