Project Description

This project targets the development of the “Digital Radio” for the DAB standards (DAB, DAB+ and DMB) with the various radio features.


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Project Scope

The project is developed on the Tensilica® SoC which demodulates the incoming RF signal and provides the FIC and MSC data to the software. The DSP Processor that is being controlled by the host (CAN Controller) implements the radio features and takes care of the audio decoding & playback. The radio features include scanning function, presets, list generation, weak signal handling and linking applications.

  • Framework Development for the Radio Application and the Audio Decoding Module
  • Integration of the DAB Stack (DAB, DAB+ and DMB) and the Radio Application
  • Development of the Interfacing layer between the Radio Application and the Audio decoding module
  • Onsite support throughout the Project execution
  • Testing of the project in the Laboratory environment and on various parts of Europe to ensure the correct behavior of the Digital Radio features
  • Responsible for the overall DAB software that includes all the Radio features, Interfacing layer and the Audio decoding module

  • Thanked Jasmin for our strong support which helped to complete the DAB project within very tough timeframe.
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